I learned some things today.


Free Ranging
1. Never try to do anything before 1st cup/pot of coffee.
2. Wait til daylight
3. See #1

I decided to wash clothes. Put clothes in washer
See #1
Went for coffee
Couldn't remember if I added soap to washer.
See #1
Added soap.
Went to coop
See #2
Back to house for flashlight
Got waterers dirty bowls etc and went back to house
Went back to barn (forgot coffee)
Back to house to work on coon trap
I have a trap saavy coon
Daylight, trap at barn
Back to barn for trap. Let chickens out and feed.
See soap bubbles in pasture from washer drain. Go back to house. Yep double soap in washer
Rewash first load and start on rewiring catfood can onto trap
See #1
Second cup coffee.
After I finish wiring can to trap, I realize,
I am dumb as a box of rocks before coffee.
I wired can to TOP of trap.
So, took it apart and rewired it.
I need longer arms to work on trap.
Now, clothes just finished second wash. Still See soap bubbles in pasture so I guess they get washed again.
3rd cup of coffee I'm done and whupped


5 Years
Feb 14, 2016


Free Ranging
Falling behind.
Wentcto town weekly shopping and gas
Chicken noodle soup cooking
First load of clothes pinned on line 2nd washing
Waterers not cleaned or touched-yet.
Left gate open when I brought trap to house-yard and porch full of chickens
Fed kitten-hes 11 weeks and eyeing clothes hanging on line as,a swing toy
Chickens ate catfood
Refilled after they left porch
Chickens returned ate catfood.
Need more coffee
Kitchen sink clogged
Is it Monday yet?

Sally PB

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Aug 7, 2020
Belding, MI
When I can't sleep and I get up to do something, I need to remember that really, my body and brain are tired. It's my mind that can't stop working. So, if I want to get something done,

THINK through everything I need to do! It isn't going to happen on autopilot. Autopilot has called it a day and gone to bed.


Free Ranging
Cleaned trap oiled and set with sardines.
Gotta coon this a.m.
Woke up to a clang and metal rattling at 1.
Went outside at 4 for coffee.
Flashlight showed 2 sets of eyes at barn. 1 set in trap. So he has help.
After a velvet tail at barn last week, I'm gunshy to go to barn at night.


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Jun 19, 2013
Central Florida
Wow! Be on the lookout for it's mate. Caught the outdoor cat, on video, chasing away a snake last night. While we have plenty of poisonous snakes down here, typically the ones around here are not poisonous.

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