I let the guineas go and they came back!


11 Years
Jul 18, 2008
Fountain, Florida
Me and the kids love our guineas, but after one flew outta the enclosed area we decided they were ready to fly away. That was always the plan anyways. I live in the country and I hatched them from eggs knowing one day I would let them fly off into the sunset.
And me and my 6 year old let them fly off last night. OH......they are 3 months old. And I was soooo happy this morning when DH came and told me 3 of the 4 came back! WOOHOO!
just keep their feed out there for them and fresh water and any treats and they will stay. I have 9 left...varmits got the others and they are full grown and have never left us. We live in the middle of 82 acres. I hatched these and now I have one hen sitting on about 22 eggs
They are due to hatch on the 30th of this month if nothing happens. I will let her raise these.
Mine go into the chicken coop every night with the chickens.
Neat! When I go out and feed in a few hours I will be sure to throw some feed out for my guineas! I am thrilled with this.......Ok...I am off to go say hi to them!
Make sure your babies are getting high protein gamebird feed. They grow faster than chickens and need the extra boost in gamebird.

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