I Live on the 11th floor, do chickens have suicidal tendencies?


Aug 7, 2019
This is kind of a funny idea.

As other people on here mentioned, you'd need to hardware cloth your whole balcony for chickens, and I'm not sure how that would look. You'd also need to bring in tubs of dirt for dust bathing, which might be annoying. You'd also have to have an extra creative poop maintenance system.

Also as other said, for apartments I usually recommend quail, if you are looking for fresh eggs. They need less space and are very quiet, plus less likely to be frowned upon by the legal system. They still need dirt and stuff but much less of it.

Do you own your apartment? Does your balcony already have a garden?


Jul 24, 2019
Boston Area, MA
Most chickens kept by most people are effectively dead-enders anyway. Social groups for breeding not needed.
Breeding isn't the only reason chickens need flocks. Social animals need social company for their general well being. Would you spend your life alone if you didn't want kids? No, you'd probably still have friends, a significant other, a roommate, or or someone else to keep you company. You might be okay living all alone with an animal, but most humans need other humans. A chicken might make do with just you as their only social circle if they had no choice, but they really do need other chickens (or comparable birds to flock with) to be happy.
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