I lost my incubator instructions packet

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    Nov 30, 2015
    I bought an incubator in December and I have just now opened it because my hens are now laying and we have a few roosters in with them. I can't find the guide that came with it anywhere. I have looked everywhere and I tried looking online to find it and I can't. Does anyone have this incubator that can tell me how to use it? I need to know what temperatures the chicks need to be incubated at. I have barred rocks, buffs, and leghorns with my buff rooster (I'm not sure if the other roosters are old enough to be mating yet). Also, how many times a day do I need to turn my eggs? And what should the humidity be at? Thanks[​IMG]
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    If it is still air the temps need to be at 101-102F with the temps taken near the tops of the eggs. If it is forced air (has a fan for circulation) it needs to be 99.5F. Eggs should be turned at least 3xs a day. Most people fell the more the better. I hand turn and get in 3xs most days every once in a while I will squeeze a couple more in there. Humidity- there's no magic number. The best thing you can do is monitor the air cells to adjust and I will give you a link to help you with that. I personally prefer and have my best hatches at 30% for the first 17 days for standard eggs. I run dry when I can. http://letsraisechickens.weebly.com...anuals-understanding-and-controlling-humidity

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