I lost one of my RIRs last night and do not know why


10 Years
Jan 14, 2010

I went to the coop this morning and found one of the RIRs that I have dead, laying next to the feeder. All of my birds are about 5.5 months old and in fact we just got our first eggs from what I believe were a couple of the more developed birds yesterday.

She did not have her comb fully in and red. Yesterday I noticed that she was staying in the coop while all the others were outside in the run. No noticeable difference in her poop, or maybe I did not find any.

My coop is heated at night with a lamp on cold nights. Where I live yesterday was partly sunny and about 45 degrees so the girls were all outside. We had some dusting of snow earlier in the week.

She showed no other physical symptoms except sort of isolating herself from the other nine birds. She seemed to have just died suddenly and I don't quite understand.

She and the rest are on layer feed, they have a waterer in the coop, I change the straw on the floor weekly.

Has anyone had this happen and is there something I should be watching for? or checking?

I would just keep a check on the rest for anything unusual, but a lot of times, birds are hatched that just do not live long. It could have been something like a heart defect or a simple Heart Attack.
At her age, just before or at laying age, I would suspect she had some problem with her egg machinery (like internal layer). If it is any consolation there is probably nothing you could do, and it is not contagious. Make sure all the pullets have access to oyster shell, even if they are on layer diet, to get those eggs through without a problem.

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