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I have 3 chicks 1 is 8 days old,2 are 2 days old. I was told the eldest was a silkie but only as 4 toes with yellow legs and beak, the other two have 5 toes with yellow legs and beak are they silkies or are they pekins,because i thought only silkies had 5 toes but had black legs and beak if anyone could help identifing these little balls of fluff i would be very grateful, my head is frazzled trying to work it out
I've hatched a couple of silkies with yellow skin and/or 4 toes. They are poor quality with genetics of a different breed such a cochin in them. They will most likely grow to be some really cute little guys, they just wouldn't get anywhere in a show. Pictures would definately help confirm if they are in fact simply poor quality silkies or some other breed.
will post photo,s later when my daughter gets home, i,m not very good with computers, also these are not show birds just to add to my backgarden flock.I have 1 buff orpington, 1 lavender orpington, 2 buff plymouth rocks, 1 light sussex bantam and 1 cuckoo maran. I just like the different colours and personalities. I,m hoping these little ones are females, had to rehome a gold laced bantam orpington cockerel, cause neighbours not happy.



these are my 3 little fluff balls pumpkin who hatched on halloween is 13 days old and the other two are 5 days old
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many thanks for your reply
it,s what i thought but am a newby to keeping chickens, i,m glad they are different to the ones in the garden. I,ll be able to tell the difference between them.They grow so quick it won,t be long before they are outside with the rest.
I wouldn't confirm pickle or lily as true silkies just yet. Pumpkin definately isn't silkie, or at least not a pure silkie. I'd rather say buff brahma, but it could be cochin. Keep us updated with new pictures in a couple of weeks.

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