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    May 8, 2008
    not over the chickens though. Yet anyway. [​IMG]

    My sister just called to tell me she was channel surfing last night and saw me standing out picketing the local utility company that our "fine" city is trying to oust.


    It's a video link. I am in the red Marine Corp jacket with the green(last minute) sign.
    It was around 20 degrees out and we stood out there from noon til 3 yesterday. Two people came by with boxes of coffee and cups etc. I was so cold I just drank it black. We have support to get rid of them. But have to keep on the DPU to get it done. I figure I have no right to complain if I am not out there protesting.

    Back ground- We had a massive ice storm December 12th. Some in the region lost electricity for upwards of a month [​IMG]
    The latest line of BS the company has fed everyone was that all the calls they were getting from customers was slowing their work on getting power back to people down. Let me tell ya. If the line men are answering the phones. There is really a problem. Oh and then they sent out estimated bills that were twice as much as the "normal" bills. Which are high already.

    We have our heat set to 52/53 during the day and night. We have newer windows. Have insulated the daylights out of the place and unplugged and set things on timers. Our bill went up nearly $350 from last winter.
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    Congrats! I have always hated the fact that there is no choice on services like that. I hope you guys win and get someone better in there.
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    I seen you...lol
    I hate when you have to only have 'one' choice...well I should say the 'us or none at all choice'...
    We are like that with our electric, and phone companies. I don't mind the phone company, but I would love to get a new electric company. We also can't get cable we live to far out(which is ok with me).
    Our fuel (LP tanks) can only be filled by one company too, unless you own your tanks (which we do, so we have a choice)....

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