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Feb 27, 2011
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Hi! This is my first attempt at incubating, kind of a test run before doing it at school with my 1st graders. I bought an LG still air with no turner. I have a regular thermometer poking in thru one of the vent holes reading about 100-101, but its a little higher than the eggs. I went to Walmart tonight and bought a digital thermo/humidity device which I placed on the screen by the eggs. Its reading about 95 degrees and 33% humidity. Then just to drive myself insane, I brought in the digital meat thermometer in and placed the probe right next to one of the eggs. Well this afternoon I read and saw pics of someone who took egg cartons and placed a piece of pvc pipe under it so that they could just turn the egg carton to the other side to "turn" the eggs. I thought great! So I did that about 4:30 today. Well when I put the meat thermo next to one of the eggs that was elevated up since part of the carton is higher than the other, I got a reading of 106!!!!!
Now thats just one of the thermos, the regular mercury thermo isn't registering that on the other side of the bator. I quickly took the pvc out and now the eggs are in the cartons, but flat on the screen. What are my chances? The egg I had the probe next to is one of my bourbon red eggs....
I *think* that if your temp wasn't up high for an extended period (Hours!) and you're early in the incubation period that they will be OK. My LG 9200 spiked on me on day one (after running for 24 hours with NO SPIKES! GRRR!) and I am still seeing development. Good luck!
I only bought a $12 digital thermo/hygro combo. It doesn't have any ability to calibrate and I didn't do the plastic baggie/salt test yet. Maybe tomorrow.

IF the temp was at 106 degrees closer to the top the whole time, then some of the eggs MAY have been exposed to it for about 5 hours. I only set these eggs Monday morning....
Oh and I know the LG is a bottom of the barrel model, but I'm just a poor 1st year, 1st grade teacher. The teacher that retired apparently had purchased the little 3-egg bator and took it with her. Seriously???
buckaroo's wife :

Never fear! You can still get a good hatch with an LG (or so I hear....I'm on my first hatch too!) I'm following this https://www.backyardchickens.com/web/viewblog.php?id=14596-incubation-cheat-sheet

Thanks for the cheat sheet link! I saved it as a favorite and I promise I will go by it from now on (well as soon as I don't have eggs in there and can start from scratch!).​

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