I may have set a record...


8 Years
Jun 4, 2011
Gray, TN
...for the amount of time someone has lurked before actually joining a forum community.
I have been reading all this advice and enjoying all your shenanigans for a few years now, and decided I just need to join in to the fun.

I'm India, I'll be 31 this August, I'm a small hobby farm housewife who does roller derby in her spare time, in between raising my son and keeping the husband on the straight and narrow. I have a small flock right now, but am working on extending them, and learning as I go. (Mostly from you folks here, you guys have saved my rear so many times!)


All things share the same breath- Chief Seattle
11 Years
Sep 7, 2008
The Emerald City
My Coop

Yeah, an Impress.

Imp- I don't feel so alone anymore.

btw- Some friends and I talk all the time about going to watch the Rat City Rollers, in Seattle. Just never do.

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