I need a turkey about 1-2 months old


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9 Years
Jan 19, 2011
Hi all i need a 1-2 month old turkey had 2 but lost one now all it wants to do is cry cry cry it is so loud. live in wa. puyallup please help me get the quit back. thanks
Wish your were closer to me! I have about 45 young Turkeys 2 to 5 months old and need to get rid of about half of them!

They are Royal Palm, Black Spanish, Blue Slate, Self Blue and a few mixed.

I also have 12 Sweetgrass, 5 White Holland, some Penciled Palms & Bourbon Reds but I'm raising them to pick out my breeders for next year then I'll be selling the rest as pairs & Trios.

I'm in the Boise Idaho Area!

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