I need advice. I don't think this is life and death but I want to fix it if possible or let nature c

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    Jun 30, 2014
    I live in CA. I have been feeling bad for my chicks (who are about 6 weeks in age) since I just started putting them in the cope 5 days ago and it's been about 100+. I have been bring them in doors when it gets to be 98+ since they all had their mouths open. Yesterday it got to be 99 and I decide to read how to keep them cool the day before. I put a 2lter in the freezer overnight. I put it in the cage but they seem to stay clear of it. The bottle was in direct sun light and I didn't want it to melt right away. So I move the bottle which I guess was a bad move because they all freaked out and tried to get out of their coop to the point of hurting themselves. Only one bleed on her beck and I notice last night that their was dry blood on her leg too. I didn't think much about it until this morning before letting them out of nest area I looked at it and I notice a bump forming right over the dry blood. I was wondering if I should be worried or do anything about it. I can take a picture of it if needed. I haven't put anything on it yet but I just figure it did not look bad or that she seem to but hurting from it.
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    It's possibly the start of bumblefoot. Do a little research on it.

    Chickens start panting at 85. Make sure they always have lots of shade available any time it gets over 50F.
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    You could put a bit of iodine on it or some antibiotic ointment. The main things to do for hot summer weather is to make sure your coop and chickens have shade, even it you have to make it with tarps or plywood. Keep your coop well ventilated by cutting out windows and cover them with 1/2 hardware cloth. Placing shallow feed pans with water in the shade for them to walk into and cool themselves works well. I will change the water after the afternoon heat has warmed it, or by adding ice cubes to it. Shade, ventilation, and cool water is best, but certain breeds still have trouble in heat. Adding electrolytes to your water on the hottest days may also help.
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    Thanks I will do that. I was just wonder about the bump more or less now. It almost looks like a wart on its right leg.

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