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    My father has raised chicken for as long as i can remember and here lately He has wanted to start raising Pigeons so he went out and bought a pair and a set of their off springs and He is having some problems keeping the hatch lings alive the first set we think the young off spring pushed them out of the nest , the second we think a snake got in to the pen with them but my father had put them in another pen with just the pair so when the third set of babies were hatched and survived my dad was excited until today when he went out to find the babies dead. So is their a certain age that you half to separate the babies for the parents ? and really an advice you can give me will be greatly appreciated thank you
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    Each hen needs two nests, so she can have separate place to lay again and raise up another two, after first two are at about ten to fifteen days.. Otherwise younger ones usually abused and neglected by parents and older siblings, because father naturally should learn to take care over of older two when female takes on new eggs (I find one nest in each back corner, or one nest on shelf above other, works best in single pair cage that has two pair of young with at time if in at least 36x30x16 inch cage.
    The Young's crops should be fourth to same size of young once or more daily.
    Predators harrassing, heat, not enough food water nests, space that keeps parents healthy, are extremely common problems when young die, when not from disease.
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