I need help befriending my cochins.


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Jun 10, 2010
4 weeks ago my mom bought 8 cochin pullets and a cockerell. they did fine in the car i could pick them up... well actually no, i would try to pick them up but they pecked at my hands.
they were 5 or 6 weeks when we got them... no wait the cockerell was 5 weeks and the 7 pullets were 4 i think. anyways i spend alot of time in the run with them but still wont go near me. if i try to pick them up they run away and make a bunch of noise and flap their wings like crazy, you get the idea. when i check them for mites i have to wear gloves because a few of them peck my hands when i do pick them up or they scratch me. the silkie bantams that stay with them are fine with me though. we got the 2 silkies 2 weeks ago and they fall asleep in my lap.
ive started giving them yogurt, i try holding the bowl so they can get used to me but only the cockerell comes up but hes really edgy when he does. if i move slightly with the bowl he runs away. they are standard cochins and ppl have told me they are docile, but these ones hate me and fear me. when my 5 girls were only 2 weeks old, i spended alot of time in the run with them. they warmed up to me like puppies. soon enough my easter egger hen was flying onto my head from the roosts. they would fly on my back and i could sit there while they roost on me.
those were good times

but these cochins wont do that! if i step one foot in the run they all hide in one corner :'(
it hurts my feelings cuz i feel like im doing something wrong. i know the cockerell probably wont jump on my lap and what not, but i want the girls to.
today we just got 9 more pullets, a barred rock, a few more cochins and some new hampshire reds. the reds let me pet them (i have another red who is a pretty sweet girl), the barred rocks
let me pet them sorta too, and the cochins are the same. they dont let me touch them! are standard cochins naturally this way?
the only time my mom and i can handle the cochins without a fuss is at night.
give me all the advice you have for befriending cochins please!

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