I need help getting BAYTRIL!

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    My worst fear has come to life. I've recieved a bird from a friend and wasn't aware that the bird was sick. Now I can see the bird is really sick, like he has Corzya. I see my other birds are starting to have similiar symptons. can someone please assist me in getting some Baytril to correct and control this disease!. I've tried everything from Tylan to Gallimycin and it seems nothing is working. I read many articles on Corzya and it seems the to be the only drug that can help my situation, i really don't want to start culling my birds becuase the stock i have left is all i have left from years of breeding and selecting. If anyone can assist me, please PM me, I would greatly appreciate it. thanks
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    Baytril (enrofloxacin) is, as far as I know, a prescription drug you would need to get from your vet.
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    Quote:I looked at this link, and the part that bothers me is: "They both work about the same."

    ABOUT the same.

    As far as I know, true effective Baytril is still prescription drug only and must be prescribed by a vet.

    Please see if you can find a vet in your area, and good luck, I truly hope this works out for you.
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