I need help identifying an eye problem, HELP!

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    I have a hen, I believe she is what they call a red production breed. New Hampshire and RIR mix. She came to with a swollen eye, only the corner of her eye, what I would consider is the tear duct area.
    We decided to leave her alone for a couple weeks and see if it healed up since she was with in a pen with probably over 20 chickens before coming to us. We figure it was an injury from pecking and just needed some time. She is not in a flock of only seven chickens.
    It would look better for a week or so and then swell right back up. So we finally decided that we have to try to do something about this and get it healed up bc we knew we wanted to get some more chicks soon.
    I have been called the OCD chicken coop cleaner by more than a few people. My coop gets completely cleaned out at the very minimum 1x a week but usually 2x a week and when ever needed. All new bedding, nest completely cleaned out as well, the whole nine yards. We live in the great southwestern Ohio and the weather changes hourly. Our land is wet and I have keep a constant watch on their coop bedding at keep the entire coop from staying wet.
    The swelling at this point has gotten so bad her eyeball was disappearing. The corner of her eye/tear duct area has a hard, gumball size, yellowish, cheesy pus looking, I dont know how else to describe it. She is active everyday, she has adapted to the handicap of the swollen eye very well. She seems maybe a lil feverish but not too bad. It feels hard to touch. She has began to scratch at her eye and has a lil sore starting but nothing to write home about. It is not swollen all the way around her eye at all, only in the corner. None of the other chickens show any signs of anything, not even so much as a lil sneeze.
    We have been giving her VetRx in the hole in the roof of her mouth but it does on come out her nose at all and there is not pus that comes out of the eyes at all. I put one drop in each nostil and 1-2 drops in each eye. The eyes may start to water up pretty good but not every time but no pus or discharge at all. Same out come of it looks good for a lil while and then bad again.
    I have been told it is a pecking injury, eye worm, and coryza. It does not look like coryza at all. Pecking injury has been ruled out. Eye worm is actually under the third eye lid but its not in the eye lid that I can tell after many closer looks and examinations.
    We are looking for any ideas at all, something that could be possibilty. I dont have pics but I can got take some if someone wanted to see it. We are country folk so taking a chicken to the vet is not real...lets say common. Its not pretty, I promise, for those with a weak stomach.
    We now have baby chicks in the house. So we have to heal this up pretty quick. We have been taking great caution with not exposing the chicks to this possible illness the hen has.
    Any input or ideas are appreciated at this point.

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