I need help protecting my hens!!!!!

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    Oh wow its been a long time since I been on byc. Apparently I need to keep up to date on the topics so I can better myself lol But anyways my problem is... I have 5 hens and one rooster. They are all a lil over a year old and have been housed together since I got them. Now with in the past month my rooster has been mean to only 2 of my hens. He has scared one so bad she hides when he comes around. There are times she has her head under the coop or she just won't come out of the coop. The 2 hens have missing feathers on there backs. I have looked them over n I haven't seen ne bugs but I did dust hem ne way with 7 dust. I just don't know what to do. Get rid of he rooster? I was told to put vicks on the hens to stop the picking. Is that even an option? Please help and thank you in advance for all the help.
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    Personally, I would get rid of the rooster. If you have him for the production of fertile eggs, seperate him from the flock and allow brief conjugal visits. One mating or so a week will guarantee fertile eggs. I have no patience with a rooster that is human or hen abusive. The stress on the hens must be causing a reduction in egg production.

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