i need help to figure out why my barrdrock sounds like she is choking


8 Years
May 30, 2011
North Carolina
hey everybody! if u have seen my other post then u would know tht i have some barrdrock problems lol. so my hen has been making a wierd noise tht sounds like she is choking and im getting worried about her cuz i just lost a family member and cant go thru another funeral. she will usually make this caughing sound after she eating grass or when we give her some fresh fruit tht has green parts. i need help to c if i should take her to a vet or just c if we should let her continue on making tht noise. ummm this realy matters to me because she is like my baby which ironickly is her name and she is my "daughter" and meaning alot to me.

all answers are apreciated!!!!!!

The main symptoms to look for in a sick hen/roo would be lethargy, not eating or drinking and bloody poo. As long as she is behaving normally it may be nothing of concern. You can also post this under the "emergency/disease/illness" threads and are likely to get many responses. You can also do a search on BYC's main page for "coughing" and that may turn up some old threads with similar symptoms. Hope this helps!!
Good luck!

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