I need help understanding Eggs!

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    Mar 31, 2009
    Im a new chicken raiser here, so im learning still but when my chickens are old enough to start laying eggs, from the time an egg is layed, how long do they stay good for? I know like on the egg shell cartons from the store the exp. date is usually from 2 weeks from when i buy them, is that the same with fresh eggs? Just a few weeks then their no good? also, how long can an egg sit outside before i bring them in to put in fridge? Thanks!!

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    Quote:Hello and . . . [​IMG]

    I'm not really sure how long fresh eggs keep. I give some to my mom and she doesn't eat eggs very often, so, they'll sit in her fridge for a couple of months before she finishes a carton. No complaints so far. If you have doubts about an egg being ok to eat, put it in water, if, it floats, it's past it's prime.

    We try to collect our eggs at least twice a day. I am sure it is not necessary to be on top of things that fast. If, it doesn't get picked up on day 1, it's still OK the next day. Lots of folks never even refridgerate their eggs and leave them at room temperature on the counter before using them.

    Best of luck to you.
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    They'll stay good for months, especially if they're refrigerated. If properly sealed, they can be kept without refrigeration for several months as well.

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