I need help with a guinea, I think he/she is dying


Aug 8, 2016
Hi, I am looking for some help with one of my 13 2 month old guineas , he/she got out of the run somehow and my dog attacked her, I got her/him back in and at first she seemed fine and all I saw was feathers no blood when the dog got him/her. The first day she was walking around but now the last few days she seems to be dying, she just lays down with her eyes closed. What should I do, I want to help her I got her to drink a lil water but she has no interest in food. I try to stay out of the run because the others freak out when I'm around and tend to trample her. Should i seperate her??? Or would that be more trama..Thanks in advance
I'm sorry this happened to your guinea. If you have a large dog crate I would put her in that. Bring her in the house and put food and water or any treats that she may have in there. Try and get her to eat anything. If you have electrolites that would be good. I hope she pulls threw this she may have internal injuries. I hope someone else can give you more advice.
Your very welcome and welcome to BYc.

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