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11 Years
Sep 23, 2008
Monroe, Ga
I want to build 3 coops right next to each other. One for silkies One for my pure bred chickens I want to start breeding and one for laying hens I fancy.

I want fit about 10 chickens a coop and make them a nice sized chicken yard so they wont be pooping all over where my kids play..

I *think* I want an off the ground coop but one not to deep to where I have to lean over or climb into to clean. I have LOTS of field mice around here.

It needs to be cost efficient and probly something Im gonna have to do alot of myself.

The weather here ranges from 103 on the hottest and 18 at the coldest (which is very rare)

Any ideas?
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I think the easiest option would be to make a large building nest to a large run, all of which is partitioned into threes. I think it woudl be easier to build and predator proof a single coop and a single run....then you can just "subdivide" each with chicken wire or something like that which should be cheap and chicken proof.

Like an 8x16 building? If possible, go with 8' increments as plywood and all boards are available in 8' increments. Plus, most mesh/wire is available in 4' spans, which then just take two to match the 8' board.

Having a 4' run and a 6' coop........I would really go for at least 6' tall so you can walk in. I didn't believe it was really worth it but am now planning on dismantling the top of my run to add on another 2' of height.
Also, on a sidenote...I work alone and am not strong enough to lift a full sheet of 4x8 plywood unless it is one of the thinner ones...and even those are very awkward. Last time I needed plywood, I had Home Depot cut them in half for me...so into two 4x4 squares. Easier to work with and while using a full sheet is better....sometimes it is just not manageable. You just have to frame for 4x4 instead of 4x8...which is workable.
I put together The playhouse coop 4x8 size,Cute as a Button, I have 6 Hens in it and it works very well you can make it bigger,8x8, to have more room for more Chickens Check it out
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