i need help with little giant incubator


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Mar 10, 2011
i have a little giant incubator
still air incubator
how often do i add water
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I add more to mine every 2-3 days or so. Whenever it needs it
That's the one I've been using in my Little Giant too, but I'm starting to wonder if it's good. I have a turner, and so I had to stick the thermometer on the turner rack even though I've read it should be on the bottom wire. I hope it's not too close tot he element and giving me the wrong readings.

What is a good humidity range?
i only have the LG incubators. No turntable,No fan..i turn by hand in each of them. set at 101' to 102'. i stopped worring about water adding, i just fill a small jar of water & set inside. as for humidity, i dont worry about readings either.a old friend told me many years ago as long as water is in it will be enough for humidity. i do add a wet sponge last 3 days .many will disagree and claim it has to be a certain range. what ever works for you & your eggs.. one thing with them is small size.if room temp is too cold or drafty you will have lower or bad hatch hate. keep out of sunlight or near heat sourse which is cause them to be too warm . i do not use air plugs. i keep air holes open the whole time. my hatch hate is very good using the same ones for 10 to7+ ?? yrs now...usually get 36-38 out of 40 eggs hatch but also depends on breeds of chickens.. i use all of mine continuesly for 5-6 months,washing after each hatch. i have chicks hatching every 7 days. mine have been good working so far no problems or replacements needed (knock on wood )

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