I need HELP with my little piggy


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8 Years
Apr 14, 2011
High River
I just got my little piggy on sat, she was doing great the first day, now it almost looks like shes having problems standing up. I go to her pen and get her out of her house, and as soon as she get out she dips a bit then stands again and walks off. But every so often she dips again. She is eating and drinking but i think that its only when i kick her out of her house. her litter mate is doing the same thing at a different house, bought the same day. PLEASE HELP!!!!! I dont know what to do.
Is this a potbelly or what type? I also would say vet since it my be genetic issues that are showing up and if that's the case after you take it to the vet id call the breeder and let them know!

It might be a deficency of something how old is it?

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