I need lots of Phoenix roo info!!!

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    Oct 27, 2011
    southwest Michigan
    So, I am thinking about getting a phoenix roo. I want him to have a good 3-4ft long tail, and he also must be a little friendly [​IMG]

    What kind of coop and run would work best for growing a tail? Also, what kind of food, bedding, perches, etc. would help us out the most? Any other tips?

    Thanks in advance for any answers!
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    Feb 25, 2011
    Hi, The most important things for allowing good tail growth are that they are kept dry and clean. When I am trying to keep one up for growing his tail I have had the best luck in about an 8 ft by 8ft pen with plywood or something solid from the bottom up about 2 ft. Wire will shred a tail! If they have enough room wire is fine but if their tail rubs it when they turn it will cut the ends. Phoenix do not require a special diet. Regular layer mash is fine. Also running with hens will damage his tail too as they step on it a lot. Last thing is I never free range any of my birds, the sun and weather will make the tail very brittle and break. I let mine out to get fresh grass and bugs every once in a while for a treat but that is it. On the whole they are easy to keep. Hope that helps you some!
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