I need more Prayers please


10 Years
Apr 6, 2009
kountze texas
My 15 yr old daughter has been battleing thyroid issues for a yeare or so. her doctor ordered an ultrasound her thyroid is still really large...
they did the ultras sound and the actual doctor called this morning saying she needs a biopsy. one side is way larger than the other. we are going in this afternoon to talk to him. I have to break it to my daughter before we get there that she needs this procedure . I dont want her being shocked when we get there. please pray that it comes out ok when they do the biopsy.. thank you
Prayers sent. Hope she's going to be o.k.
back from the doctors... she has 2 nodules one has been there not really changing much but another one has come up on the otherside so they are going to biopsy both to find out whats going on.
I pray for you. I have a story kinda like this too except it is with my grandma and grandpa. My grandpa has had only about one fourth of his heart working for several years and now he has a toumor in his brain( :) he calls it herman), and the doctors say it is too big to remove. My grandma, has been having weird things going on in her intestines for a couple of months and we couldnt find out what was wrong. On her birthday this year she got a call from her doctors... They said she has more than 100 alsers in the first half of her small intestines and they keep going in her colon and large intestine. Please can you also pray for my beloved grandparents
I will pray for you . I have growths on mine two . I had a needle biopsy and it came back inconcluseive so it was frustrating. But its been a few years now and all though I have mild thyroid issues nothing major has happend I was told its not as uncommon now as it use to be . If its a needle biopsy dont be surprised if its not pleasent so make shure she has comfort and saport. Good luck let us know what happens.
I am praying for her and your family. My husbands side of the family has alot of thyroid issues. I've seen how difficult it is. I truly hope they can help her and make her feel better!!

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