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Apr 15, 2011
Two subjects... probably more...
1. I built this coop (see pics). All floors are wire, nothing hard with the intent of not catching poop. I wish I would have made it bigger to have more places to put perches. I also only have one small entry into the side of the box, plus the hinged roof raised...but I didn't give myself any way to enter the "outside" areas. I can change that easy enough...just haven't gotten to it yet. The one way door (whatever that's called) exits onto the "roof" wire top of the "outside" area. I don't have a ton of room to put the cardboard nest bowls I got, but I have a couple in the loft to share b/n the 6 birds. Is that enough? Please give any advice on alterations that I should do... I want them to have a good home, but I'm very new to this. I'm in PA, so we get some moderate and sometimes hard winters.

2. I got the pigeons young (they looked full grown, but the seller told me they'd just gotten old enough to sell), but not sure what age that was. I've had them for probably about 3 months now. No eggs yet (plus, just put the bowl nests in today), and today is also the first day I opened up their door to let them start exploring outside. I wasn't sure how long they needed to stay inside to be safe to return once I let them out. So far, 4 took off to try some flight (with the help of a scare from my jerk dog), 3 came back fairly quickly (10-30 minutes), one is not back yet but hopefully will be soon. Is there anything I should have done, or should still do, to help them learn to come home. Also, how much should I leave their door open so they can come and go as they please? Or should they always be locked in unless I take them out to fly? 20211113_142740.jpg 20211113_142703.jpg 20211113_142726.jpg 20211113_142717.jpg 20211113_142648.jpg 20211113_142639.jpg 20211113_142827.jpg 20211113_145636.jpg 20211113_142827.jpg

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Aug 9, 2020
Hi I just wanted to say that Your coop looks wonderful and your birds are sooo cute ! I don't have pigeons so I can't really answer your questions but to me it sounds like you really love your birds and want to make everything as nice as possible for them, so I hope someone does answer who knows more about them. It looks like you are doing a great job already though.


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Apr 6, 2014
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Let me start of with some suggestions. If you want to train your pigeons to loft fly,,,,, that means to release from loft to fly around, and return,,,, the best way to train them is releasing them hungry. Then when they do do appear in yard,, make a certain sound,,,,, like a whistle, shaking a can of nails,, ringing a bell,,, or whatever you decide. Do this combined with placing feed into their place where they eat. This way,, pigeons associate sound with food. They will trap (term used to go thru one way door) back into loft.
Not sure of your predator dangers,,,, but allowing free-flying for your birds all day, poses risks. It is much better to decide best times to release for whatever duration of flight you decide upon. Many fanciers watch the predator,, (hawk) pattern, and try to avoid those times when hawks are present. I would see the same pattern of hawks that would fly by my yard. Almost like clockwork, and the flight paths were same each day.
Your 4th pigeon,, if it was his first flight may have gotten lost. Also may have been chased by a predator,, and is having difficulty finding home.. Sometimes they will return a few days late.
You have an unusual trap door. I usually favor a wider one with about a dozen bobs. View this setup for ideas how CCUK set up histrap bobs.
I would breed pigeons once they are a year old. (just my personal preference) Sometimes the younger ones don't have enough maturity before that time,,, Some will start to breed at about 6 or 7 months. Often the first hatching do not succeed.
Ask anything specific you need to know,. Easier to answer specific questions.

WISHING YOU BEST,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, :highfive:

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