I Need Shrinkwrap/Detached Aircell help...

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Trigger Pullet
11 Years
Mar 27, 2009
My shipped eggs will be put into lock down tomorrow. They all had Detached air cells when they arrived, but all have developed normally, a few have air cells that are on the top and down one whole side, so they have huge air cells and seem super cramped. Is there anything at all I can do to lend a hand,or anything I should watch out for during hatching? They are all alive at this point...
Hope you get a response.... I am interested as well. I feel that I lost most of my first hatch to issues related to this on shipped eggs... they made it all to lockdown. Then, not so much... plus one genuinely shrinkwrapped chick. Just put my second batch of shipped eggs in the incubator... want to know how to increase my chances of success.

Definitely best wishes to you on your hatch!
I think as soon as the first chick makes it out of its egg, I will take the worst wrapped chick and open a little hole in its egg to monitor it closer.I read on an old thread how one guy "makes" a little window on the air cell side of the egg and tapes it up with clear tape to keep a closer eye. Anything is worth a shot of them making it. These were REALLY expensive little critters. I will put the worst off eggs in their own bator during lockdown so the others wont make it harder on them. Im not sure if I will put them on their sides during lockdown either,might leave them big end up...

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