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I'd like to get some colored egg layers but only have room for a couple. I don't want a roo as I have two and that's it. But how can I get just a couple of pullets. If I order some I have to order more than I need and I may be able to sell some.

1. Which hatchery would let me order the least and still get pullets?
2. Then too what breed should I order? Aruacanas lay green right?
3. Ameriacanas lay blue right?
4. And whats the big deal w/ Olive eggers?
5. Are they a new breed?
6. Is there a breed that specifically lays pink?
7. Yellow?
8. Should I buy hatching eggs and where or who would I get those from?
9. Then too, how would these breeds do w/ a standard roo and hens?

The roo would be a CM. I wouldn't be hatching the eggs just selling them.
My Pet Chicken (Hatchery) will let you order as few as three if you live in a city that has an international airport. Meyer hatchery now does this two, no matter where you live. But, shipping is a LOT. I would go with Americauna (They lay blue and Green). They are a very nice breed and are very friendly.
Okay, I don't know how to put this. . . As it has been said countless times, but - NO hatchery sells real Ameraucanas, or real Araucanas. Real Araucanas lay blue eggs, not green. Real Ameraucanas lay eggs that range from a minty greenish blue hint to a true blue. The colored egg layers that hatcheries sell are mutt birds called Easter Eggers, and will lay any color of egg for you. (blue, green, brown, white - depends on what you get lucky with) Ameraucanas and Araucanas are not a new breed, and the "Easter Eggers" hatcheries sell, are, well, mutts. . . So, not really. Most hatcheries keep their old Easter Egger stock for quite some time.

On that note, Easter Eggers are a really good breed to start with. Since they're mutts, they come in any color, can have muffs/beards or none at all, and sometimes do not have a tail. They're very friendly, too.

And, yes - Mypetchicken can do small orders for some cities, and I think Cackle Hatchery does them too.

Also, if you want pink eggs - A lot of breeds you can get lucky with, and will lay a pink-tinted egg, but the ones you'll have the best chances with pink eggs from are Brahmas and Salmon Faverolles.
As for yellow, not really. There are tan egg layers though.
MyPetChicken.com lets you order as few as three birds... Depending on how close to a major city you live, due to travel time in shipping.

From what I've read, true Ameraucanas lay blue eggs. What is usually sold by the standard hatchery are called Easter Eggers... Birds that look similar and have the colored-egg gene, but aren't true-bred and don't meet the standard. They're basic'ly mutts, and can lay blue, green, brown, or pink eggs.

Olive eggers could be another name for an Easter egger. ???

I'm sure they would be fine with any other birds you have. If you get true Ameraucanas, and they get bred by a non-Am roo, then you'll and eggs hatched would be Easter eggers.
If I wanted pure Americanas or Aruacanas where would I get those?

If I order just three will they add, packing peanuts? I don't really want them but need to be prepared.
What do most people do w/ extras sent? I suppose I could give them away.
Ameraucanas. Both you'd get from breeders. There are a decent but small number of Araucana breeders here on BYC, and a couple have websites. I know I'm getting mine in May from Skyblueegg.com - Also known here under the name skyblueegg. As for Ameraucanas - There are quite a few breeders here. It just takes some asking, especially in the Ameraucana thread.
I'll have some available by late summer, but not now. A couple people I'd certainly give a thumbs up to are Heidi and Pips&peeps here on BYC.
I'll be getting some white ameraucana hatching eggs soon. The breeder we get our silkies from has a trio & they're gorgeous! He's up in Pulaski. There's a breeder near Vernon that had white ameraucanas but I'm not sure if she's still breeding them.

I also saw a post from Chicken Stalker that she's looking for someone to share an order of chicks from John Blehm this June & she's pretty close to us. I've decided I want white, so that won't work for me.
where have you been?
I'm not interested so much in the color of the bird as I am in the color of the eggs. Too , I don't want encourage the breeding of mixed stock , from the hatcheries.

If you've been following any of the posts, I have a new incu coming and Del eggs from Speckledhen. I 've been, or should I say my broodies have been hatching Dels and CM's for me. I've been posting to sell the CM's on craigs but have only had scammers respond.
That I don't understand as last summer I had to drive 5 hrs to get my stock. No one in the Syr. area responded to my wanted postings. The same w/ Dels and Frizzles..

Seems to me if breeders want to preserve the breeds they've got to part w/ some of their stock. Otherwise folks will have no where to turn to except the hatcheries. I've got SLW/s w/o rose combs, red friz's w/ black feathers, CM/s that lay very light eggs. Good garden o' peas!
The CM's I bought in Amsterdam lay very dark eggs. Those are the only ones I'm hatching.

Why don't people post for others to share a hatch w/? Myself I have no problem. I was going to drive to NH for some white dorkings but the guy only sold 12 at a time. What would I do w/ the extras? I couldn't risk being stuck w/ all of them.

Speckledhen has bent over backward for me, so I'd have some good Delaware stock.
I battled pneumonia for much of the fall then was busy being production assistant for 2 theatre productions on top of working & parenting & college visits!!! But I'm back now!

That really stinks that you've had to travel so far for chickens.... as you know I am also willing to drive a crazy distance for good quality stock. The breeder I get the silkies from is the only one up here with purebreds that has been willing to work with us & I've learned so much from him. Now, we're each other's biggest competition in shows, but we're trading show stock too! His ameraucana trio isn't laying much yet, but we should be able to get either chicks or hatching eggs from him soon. The roo is absolutely stunning.

If you're interested in red dorkings, we'll have some chicks by mid to late april. Right now we're only hatching BBS & white silkies. The rest of the flock is together till the snow is gone & John can put up more fences. Then we'll have red Dorkings, BBS & Project Lavender Orps. I'll also be starting my coronation & isabel porcelain Brahma projects! I hope it goes well.

I'm definitely willing to share!

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