I need some help planning a very cheap, but reliable coop/run!

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Hey everyone, I'm just not sure how I can plan one out. I have 5 RIR chicks in the brooder that need to be moved out in a month. I want it very simple, not ugly, but not fancy. I want it to cost somewhere between 100$-200$. My parents are willing to spend more, but I don't want to make them poor either. I live in the city, so the biggest predators would be opossums and racoons. I plan to let them roam around my backyard. Is anybody here nice enough to draw something out for me? I've never built anything...so I have no idea how much the supplies are going to cost. Some help would be appreciated!
I'm new live in the city and am building a coop/run (tractor) which I will move around my backyard and let them free range under supervision and this is what I'm building:

P.s. it holds up to 6 chickens and is pretty good looking actually just add wheels
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Did you take a look at the coop page here? There are a lot of nice small coops on there that shouldn't cost overly much. Think about a sheet of plywood costing in the neighborhood of $25 a sheet -- 2x3's area couple of dollars each. If you build a 4'x8' coop with a shed roof (slightly smaller because you want the shed roof to over hang the sides by 4 to 6 inches all the way around. Let's call it 3.5x7.5x, (4' tall) you would use 5 sheets of plywood 4 sides, top and bottom) at $125, plus 10 2x3's at $1.5 ea. =$15. Foam insulation will run about $40. Now the foam has to be covered. I pick 1/2 inch clear pine at about $9 a sheet x 3= $27. We're at $207. You still need hardware (nails, screws, hinges) and a run -- figure $50 to $75. And shingles -- what's a bundle of shingles cost? $25

This coop is without scrounging, finding, begging or borrowing. Surely bits and pieces of this are hanging around. It's a nice little building at $300.

You can cut out the clear pine and the insulation... but it's much harder to add later than now.

When you are building besure to iunclude ventilation.

I hope this helps in some small way to see the cost of building a thing.

Thanks guys! I live in FL, so I'm more worried about the coop overheating than cold. I really like that article britechicken! I might choose that one. I don't plan to have many chickens, just a small backyard flock for pets and eggs.
Same here I plan one getting three this spring and if they do well over the winter then I might add 2 or 3 more next year but I was pretty worried about them overheating in the Alabama summer so that's why I chose this one because the coop is so well ventilated and secure! We have a fox problem in my neighborhood.
This is the coop I copied & built, because it's super ez to clean and not too large.


A waist high coop or a walk in coop is best.
Anything you have to bend over to access is more difficult to clean.

I made a few changes to the design for 2 hens..
My coop is a little smaller and I put double doors on the back.
Also, I made a slide pop door, so I don't have to go in the run to shut the door.
I made a 4'wx 4'hx 8'L long pvc "hoop" run and just butted it up to the coop.
It will be much easier to move it around if coop/run are in 2 parts.

What I would do differently.
I don't like the pvc hoop run, because it's 4' high.
I plan to make another run,
just a simple wood frame w/ hardware cloth.
Maybe 4'w x 6'H x10'L
Hi .If you plan on building one check with your local lumber yard and home store .Ask about there mess ups and returns .You can usually get a great deal .Lowes has a paint section that they sell there paint for 3.00 to 5.00 a gallon for return or wrong color,and in the door section they have return items. Alot of people dont know ,so you have to ask .I got a 200.00 window for 20.00 bucks and it was a Pella .We love to see your coop when you have it done .Take lots of pictures and good luck .I hope this helps you out .And since you do live in Florida check out the open air coop .
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