I need some ideas for a small isolation coop. Help Please!


9 Years
Feb 27, 2010
Upstate of South Carolina
I have been thinking recently about some diseases
, and now I want a small isolation coop. The reason for it is because of the whole spreading and it whipping out my flock.
(Thats a scary thought
)I was thinking it should hold 1-3 chickens, 1 feeder & waterer, and a small run. Keep in mind I am on a small budget and I am not wanting it as a fulltime coop. (If that matters with space) So, do any of you have any ideas, adive and/or pics to share?

Thanks in advance!
Do a search on here for converted doghouse

Infact I just got a doghouse yesterday..I will fix up..and will add it to my chicken village.

This way i can use it for several purposes

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You can use a big plastic dog crate with shavings inside to isolate a single chicken. That's what I did when our little roo developed wet pox.
Yard sales and CL are great places to find large plastic dog crates, and CL is a great place to find dog houses. Two weeks ago I found a HUGE (at least 30 x 48) plastic dog crate for $6. It was rough looking, but perfectly functioning. I also bought a very cute cedar looking dog house with windows for $50 last summer that I used for a quarantine coop for two pullets I'd picked up. Chain link dog runs are often sold on CL -perfect chicken runs.
We converted a chain link dog run into a coop. We have a roost and nest boxes inside and have the entire thing covered with tarps for the winter. During the summer the front tarps come off, and in the winter they get a heat lamp. Works beautifully for the 8 hens and their rooster
i have a hen inside right now with a hurt leg. she must have fallen and then got wedged between the wall and a box.. so she is inside my dining room in a dog crate. it is big enough for a couple of chickens.

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