I need some ideas for the inside of coops.

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  1. kcoeah

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    Jul 31, 2010
    I just got 19 new chicks. They are a week old. I'm in the process of converting and old shed into a coop. I would love to see some interior ideas of coops. This is my first attempt with chickens and I can't wait to get started on the inside. Your pictures of your coops interiors would be greatly appreciated. Can't wait to see them. Thanks so much!![​IMG]
  2. chicken stick

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    Apr 25, 2010
    long island new york
    dont have any pics but i can say i used 12 x12 self stick floot tiles for my 4x6 coop along with pine chips the floor is alyways clean ....poop comes off real well... good luck
  3. NewHen

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    Mar 16, 2010
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    I don't have room for it in my coop but I wish I had an indoor storage area.
  4. Cetawin

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    You can check out the link in my siggy...Eggtopia was for the chickens and I added vinyl flooring and etc in it. The quack academy was for my ducks...I am now out in kentucky and starting over out here. *sigh*
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    My best advice would be to make a droppings board under the roost. It makes cleaning the coop soooo much easier. Here is how mine looked when I (er, DH) first redid our children's club house.


    You only need 1 box for 4 hens...but they'll always want the same box at the same time, LOL! The last picture was taken on the day that 4 of my new girls decided to begin laying on the same day.
  6. sheilawagner

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    Jul 16, 2010
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    This is the interior of our 8 x 8 x 8 coop. It is where the birds sleep at night. They have a humongous nest box condo in there too on the left, 3 levels of 5 boxes each, meaning 15 boxes, but we only have 17 chicks and 9 adults. However, we are building the nest boxes to consider future birds which is why there is so many.

    We use pine shavings for the floor, and hopefully it won't be too hard to remove and clean litter. If it is, we might need to install linoleum or something on the bottom to make life easier.

    On the right, we put up 4 levels of perches staggering them one feet off each other. Books and others advice putting all the perches on the same level, but we find that a bit of a waste of space, and we just wanted to try it out now and see how it turns out. So far, the plymouth rocks and dutch bantam hen likes to all perch on the highest one, but I think in future when my cochin bantams grow up and move into this house, they might perch lower. We'll see, and we plan to learn by trial and error.


    There is a door hidden in the photo next to the nest boxes that goes to the sheltered enclosed run. They also have extra perches there and space to have dirt baths and food and water.

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