I need some information, I would like to sell eggs, and chicks..


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Jun 29, 2011
To hatch and sell, Eggs, or chichs this spring, do I, or should I have some of my birds tested to make sure they don't have any diseases? This will be my first spring where I am able to do this so I am not sure of the proticall.... Does anyone have any information on this if there is any? Thank you. Mollie
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Does no one have anything to say about my questions? I am serious.... I want to sell eggs and chicks.. but I want to do it and be able to tell people that they are free from diseases... if that is possible...
I belive all states have a rule, here in WA we can sell from our house. But if you want to sell at a farmers market or take the eggs someplace to sell you need a Lic. Check with your states lic site and it should tell you.
good luck.

Oh Welcome to BYC its a great place and has lots of great people on here.
Sorry, Mollie.
It's such a nice day outside here in the northeast, everyone is out working in the yard, not inside on the computer.
At least here on Long Island!
It is always a good idea to have an NPIP flock, it shows you truly care about what you are selling.
Plus, if you are considering showing them, you won't have to go thru the testing all over again.
You of course, can sell eggs and chickens right here on BYC. Check the index towards the bottom.
Good luck! What breeds do you have?
Hi, and thank you for your responses! I have Speckled Sussex, White Plymouth Rocks, Arocaunnas, Ameracaunnas, Frizzles, Silkies, Banties, and a Black and White Japaneese Bantam (who needs a Roo, if anyone has any). I would love to get some true RIR's ( not Golden Commets, they have to be the dark burgandy color to be true). We are in the process of starting to separate our different breeds. When we are not brooding they all run free together.. I will have to check on my local laws here in PA. And yes the weather was perfect here in the NE today, we hit 60.
We were outside most of the day also, splitting our backs, splitting wood and stacking it. Uggg

PS.. What is NPIP???? Haven't heard of that before.
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I agree witht he above comments. Maybe you could check at you local Extention office or google it for your state. Also, go to the SEARCH engine on here and look up some ither BYC members from your state.
I bet they can help you will you state's laws. I know you can sell here on BYC with no problem. But it is encouraged to get your animals tested. And a lot of people won't buy from you if you are not NPIP. But there are a lot that will. Good luck.
National Poultry Improvement Program.
The main focus is on Pullorum-typhoid testing, Avian influenza, and cleanliness programs.
There is record keeping involved, and you just can't pick up new birds from wherever, they need to come from closed (NPIP) flocks.
Go online and check it out.
Ok I found out what NPIP stands for... National Poultry Inprovement Project. Pretty cool. I contacted my PA Dep. of Ag. and left a message. So we will have to see what they say when they call me back. Thanks for all of your information on here. You guys are great! :)

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