I need some input on Coryza and Mycoplasma

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    Oct 24, 2014
    I've slowly been increasing my flock size, Every few months adding 2-3 and following the appropriate quarantine procedures. A few weeks ago a dog mosied over and made an attempt at every single bird, and managed to kill 8 with 7 survivors. Within a few days of the attack I noticed some sneezing and then about a week later one bird went into full blow respiratory distress and died. I gave oxytetracycline orally to all birds and then put soluble in their water while I waited for necropsy results from our state lab. All birds have responded well to treatment. The results have come back as "symptoms and findings compatible with Coryza and mycoplasma present"

    I'm curious as to the experiences of others with these diseases and what approaches have you taken in treatment? Depopulation? Adding birds in the future? I am a hobby farmer so these birds will be kept here and we keep the eggs and occasionally give them to friends when we can. These birds are also free range all the time. Thanks!
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