I need some input...? Really stressing out!


8 Years
Aug 22, 2011
Hi everyone :) So 22 days ago, I started two hatches. I put seven Wheaten Ameraucana eggs in my first Mini Eco incubator, and six Silkie eggs in the other Mini Eco. Both sets were due to hatch Friday. Sometime Thursday night, one of the Ameraucanas hatched! It was a completely normal hatch...pip - hatch was no more than 8 hours. A perfect, healthy, and happy chick is dozing in the brooder right now. However, there have been no other chicks that have hatched, not even a pip :( What is going on?? Is that going to be the only chick that will hatch?

One thing I will say is that the temperatures for both incubators dropped a bit low at times, like around 98.5 - 99 (I think from cold temps. outside). Actually, the Ameraucana's incubator was consistently around 98.7 - 99 for almost three days - I had the most difficult time regulating the temperature for this hatch
Could this be the reason why only one has hatched so far? I mean, it's been less than 24 hours beyond their hatch date...am I just being paranoid? Urghh, I just hate waiting and not knowing what's going to happen!!! It's so stressful! I guess I'm just looking for some opinions about this situation...I mean, maybe it's not that uncommon for something like this to happen? I don't know! Any advice is greatly appreciated!
I've had eggs under broodies hatch over a 4 day period. Give them a bit more time and
Alright, thanks for tips guys :) One of the Silkies actually hatched last night - hopefully there will be more to come!
No other chicks have hatched
Tonight is the start of day 23 though, so there's still hope
And the two little guys I have now are adorable!!!
Probably when they start to stink. Can you see any thing in the egg when you hold it up to a candle
Wish you the best!

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