I need talking down off my perch....


8 Years
Oct 21, 2011
I know that with the new forum, not as many people see when you post something.
I know that when you ask the same question over and over, people get tired of answering...

Well, I have read all I can on people who hatch, I pay attention to people who are with me on this hatch, and STILL, I need to stop climbing the walls...LOL!

So, tell me its okay that my little pip is not zipping but making a bigger circle???? DH has dubbed him/her JR even though I protested (he said no to eggs remember???)
For the NYD hatch I had a pip that didn't start zipping until over 18 hours later.

Be patient and DON'T OPEN THE BATOR!!!
Thank you! I am stressing so much that something will go wrong....

It doesn't help that everyone else in my house ( three teenagers grr) walk up to the bator and go "uh oh... what's this????" just to see if I will run...

They think its kind of funny that I am in such a dither...their mom? ruffled?? I don't think so...

If only they had seen me the day of their birth. I could have murdered without question.
I'm using an incubator so the wait is all mine.... but thank you so much for pointing out that thread... so sweet and informative! I am just trying my best to wait out the inevitable to make the best hatch for the fuzzy butts.....
when you go up to the incubator to check peep at the little chicklet
. This usually makes them move or peep back if you see him moving or hear him peeping then things are still going good
. The peeping might encourage the little chicklet to hurry up too
. Do your kids get an allowance? Tell them every time they do that you'll charge them a dollar to be deducted for carpet wear and tear
Remember my first two eggs peeped around 6pm on Friday night, and didn't hatch for 22 and 27 hours. They just sat there, with that tiny hole, forever. Like Melissa Rose said, if you go peep at them, or look closely in the hole, you can see them moving and breathing, and that will encourage you.

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