I need to know about roosters and what happens to the hens eggs after they mate

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    Hi.Very new to chickens. We have 6 but turns out 1 is a rooster. Aside from the crowing problem (we cant have roosters) if we decide to keep him (have not figured out now) what happens to the hens eggs if I taken them out of the hen box every day? My friend says that I am going to crack them open and possibly find baby chicks in there. She also says that they will secretly mate in different places in the run and that I will eventually find baby chickens everywhere. Can someone please tell me if this is true? Our run is small so we would find any eggs that are "secret ones" (i/e not in the nesting box). Thank you for true answers.
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    [​IMG] Frankly nothing that your friend says makes any sense at all. Eggs will not develop unless incubated in an incubator or by the hens. If the eggs are removed daily there is no chance of 'finding baby chicks' in the eggs. Hens have to incubate the eggs for 21 days before they can hatch - there won't be 'baby chickens everywhere' unless you allow the hens to set, and not all hens go broody.
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    As long as you collect all the eggs everyday you'll not have any chicks. Eggs have to be incubated for several days before the first signs that there is going to be a chick. If you not allowed to have roosters then its going to be difficult to keep him a without anybody knowing. As they do crow loud and often.

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