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i need to make a CHEAP and safe coop with very little room to work with...

Discussion in 'Coop & Run - Design, Construction, & Maintenance' started by koakritters, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. koakritters

    koakritters Songster

    Jan 27, 2011
    Ok, my 2 "home" chickens that actually live with me in my backyard need a new house, right now they've got a dog playpen with a tarp over it for the day and an old rundown rabbit hutch at night. I've also got to make room for some silkies I'm getting, so ideally I'd like to have a coop with 2 parts to it because my old girls don't allow new friends in...

    The problem is that my dad claims he's going to redo the backyard and there won't be any room for my chickens. It'll never happen because he's incapable of finishing anything, but because of this I've only got about 12 sq ft or so to work with, a 3x4ft area, and I've got a horse who eats all my money, so buying one of those $300+ coops won't work.

    hat can I use to make a safe, but cheap coop that they can live in without worrying about it falling down? I was thinking maybe a 2 story thing, so I can have the old girls on the bottom and the silkies can live on top, and then switch them around or something... any ideas would be great!

  2. ChickensAreSweet

    ChickensAreSweet Heavenly Grains for Hens


    Maybe if you can get some plywood you can build something like that.

    Silkies don't like ramps or roosts generally, although they can be trained and some of my silkies that I used to have eventually tried roosting. So a silkie house very close to the ground would be ideal. Like a doghouse that someone is giving away??? You would have to put a door on it and some hardware cloth/window.
  3. C17

    C17 In the Brooder

    Mar 27, 2011
    Find some pallets and use those. I have made many chicken things with free pallets...good luck

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