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Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by Bec, Mar 5, 2008.

  1. Bec

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    I posted this question in the raising chicks section and didn't get the answers I needed. Can I raise my little roo by himself in the brooder? I don't really have the room for another out in the coop other than him, but I am concerned about him being by himself. Will he be ok?

    **** I wanted to add that I have 7 Buff Orpingtons already...That he will be joining when he is old enought to go out with them..The decision I have to make is wether to keep him by himself in the brooder or try to queeze one more girl in there...I am affraid it would be too crowded If I did That...One more would be ok, but 2 more, I think, woud be unfair...
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  2. justusnak

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    Typically...chickens are flock animals. He will survive, but will probably not thrive, or be very happy. Maybe you can find him a good home?
  3. Bec

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    Well he won't be alone once he goes out with my 7 Orpington hens...they will be 1 in April....I had a banty roo last summer and he lost him life fighting for his girls against a Kestral. I decided to wait until the spring to get another, so I only needed one roo...more would just be too many for the 7 I have. Sooo...that brings me to where I am now...
  4. K&H Chicken Farm

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    MAke a house chicken out of him until he is ready to go out. Then he is with a "flock" and you get the enjoyment out of a well trained roo.

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