I need to relocate my incubator!


May 12, 2015
Advise please. I have been incubating 24 chicken eggs for 3 days now and have to relocate the incubator. The eggs are resting in an automatic egg turner. The incubator will have to be unplugged for 5-10 minutes. What are the chances of a successful hatch? How much jostling can the embryos/developing chicks take?
no, unfortunately. they will also need a car ride. I have an inverter to plug into the car for electricity to the incubator during transportation. I just worry about the bumps!
Your heat is not going to be an issue. It's the bumps that may be a problem. Any chance you can wait till they are a bit older? Then, if you could cradle them well in padded egg cartons, they would take the bumps better than they would in the egg turner (IMO). I know that some teachers successfully incubate and transport the bator to/from school every weekend, so it can be done. I've just never had any experience with it. If anyone has done so, please weigh in here!!

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