I need You all to cross your fingers for me!


Dances with Chickens
10 Years
Mar 3, 2009
Lakeport, Ca.
So as some of you may have read, I hate my job.... Well actually, I love my job I just hate the location of my job, and the people I have to work with. So hubby and I have been looking around for a while for a new job in Property Management, we have been looking in several city's, and applied for a few, but never got call backs. Well Hubby and I just applied for the job of your dreams. The job is Propery management, with higher pay than we get now, and benifits, but the real kicker her is that it's located in Kona Hawaii! we Both Love hawaii, Hubby has lived there before, and Kailua Kona is my favorite area in Hawaii, so we are sooo excited, we are praying to at least get a call back so we can at least make a good impression. I could use all the good thoughts I can get!
Cross your fingers everybody!


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