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13 Years
Jul 1, 2010
Northeast Texas
When I was working, people would come by the office selling tamales, baked goods and vegetables. Does anyone do anything like this? Does anyone operate a home business of any kind? When my kids were small, I babysat other kids in my home. It helped out quite a bit.

Texas signed into law a Cottage Food Law in 2011, making it legal to operate a home bakery.


I am rolling around the idea of a home bakery. I make really good pies and I am working on bread recipes. I am tied to home, so out of fidgets and boredom, I have turned to cooking. I quit my job to care for my 89 year old mother, who now lives with us. I hate the idea of not working and helping financially. But I don't know if I want Jolene Public coming in my home. What do ya'll think? Open for discussion.
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If you bake cakes cup cakes and pies they may be delivered or picked up I know a woman who bakes and delivers wedding cakes you may need to locate a neighbor who is available for watching mom or deliveries for a few spare bucks.

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