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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by thunderkitty, Apr 28, 2007.

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    I'm so excited I finally decided what to order and placed it! I am in the middle of insulating, fixing up, and hopefully moving their will be coop (an old 12x14 mini-barn that came with our house). This will motivate me to hurry up! I cleaned the coop out with soap and water and plan to put to laminate flooring ,I got on clearance, over it. Will this be enough as far as cleaning? The only animals we had in there were potbelly pigs, goats, & chickens, but it was over 10 years ago now... I already bought a 50 lb. bag of medicated Nutrena starter feed, a thermometer, a lamp and red heat bulb, I have some new wood shaving bedding I'll use and I already bought a chick feeder and a 1 gallon waterer from the local feed store. I was thinking I'll use a box for brooding since I can't find the corrugated cardboard ring stuff here. Oh and I have some little decorative glass marbles for their water...Do I need anything else? Will I need grit, grains or any of that stuff right away? I'd appreciate an experts opinion, thanks ahead of time [​IMG]! (Oh and by the way I have been lurking on here form a looong time and finally decided to order the 25 pullet rainbow variety pack from meyer hatchery.)
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    Welcome to the addiction! And welcome to BYC!!

    Sounds like you've about got thing ready! They won't need grains or grit till they get a bit older and you start feeding them treats. Starter feed is a complete feed and is all they need for now. Plus fresh water, of course. Your mini-barn sounds wonderful. The only thing I would add would be that once the flooring is put down I'd give it a good spray of diluted bleach water and let it air out for a few days before putting in the bedding. Of course you have plenty of time to do all that. Getting a box full of chicks is soo exciting! Have fun!!
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    Sounds like your well on your way!! Please do post pics of the babies when you get them because I have been thinking about ordering this assortment sometime in the future. Cant wait to see your babies...and believe me you are hooked for life now!
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    They came today! I had called the post office yesterday and they didn't call me as they had promised. I woke up thinking it was late (7 am) and called THEM. they said oh yeah their here, aren't you here to get them? I said no, and drove very fast but, felt like hours going to get them. I already had one pass. She was sprawled out still warm when I found her. Soo now I'm getting paranoid about the others! Every time one of them lays down to sleep (which they have been a lot) I get scared. Is it normal for them to sleep with their head on the ground semi sprawled out? They seem to be breathing fine, getting a little pecky but otherwise I think fine. Anyway enough yapping here's a few metiocre picks... [​IMG]
    Oh and by the way, the one in my hand was actually alive but, he fell to sleep in my hand. [​IMG]
  5. I have an order coming from meyers next week. One gone is not too bad. They look pretty healthy and as long as they are eating and drinking they are probally okay. Remember they might still be a lil stressed, let us know how it works out.
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    I've lost two so far and I'm hoping this will be it...I'm kinda disappointed with it but, I'm sure two technically isn't bad.[​IMG]
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    Apr 6, 2007
    I received 26 assorted from Meyer on 4/24. They arrived in 2 days and all were alive in the box. We lost 3 over the next week. I think the others may have smothered them because all 3 were found in the center of the "Chick Pile" under the heat lamp. Other than that the rest are doing great. They spent several hours in the front yard today in the 80 degree sunlight.

    "Is it normal to lay down sprawled out?"
    Some of mine sleep like I do. They look dead but do not snore. [​IMG] It seems like a normal thing.
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    Yep, when they sleep, they look like they're dead!! They will stop doing that once they get older. But when they are young like that, they seem to sleep with their necks stuck out! [​IMG]
    They are very cute little things... I love the little guy asleep in your hand! [​IMG]

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