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I have posted probably 10 questions since signing up like 4 days ago, but here's a few more. First, I read that you could make a water wiggler out of a balloon? How, without popping it, and does it really have WATER in it? I would think the egg contents would be thicker, so they would hold heat differently. Another question is when should I candle my guinea eggs for the first time?
I dont know nuthin about guineas...

However, instead of using a balloon, take a zip lock bag (sandwich size) and fill it half full with water. Lay it down and fold it in half and tape the two sides together to make a cylinder. Voila! Instant water wiggler....
I use a ziplock too (inside another ziplock to prevent leaks), but I fold mine and stuff it in an empty toilet paper tube. To me it kinda simulates the shell of the egg. I just try to arrange the ziploc so that when I put the probe in the middle there is water all around it.

does that make sense?
Eggs are about 98%ish water.

The difference don't matter for our purposes.

Use a Ziplock, not a balloon, but I like your thinkin'

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