I really like eggs

henney penny

10 Years
Nov 21, 2009
Northern Maine
This is my dog Deacon,when we find eggs in the coop that are cracked he gets them and he loves them as you can see from his yellow beard.
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how sweet and innocent he looks, hope he can't get to the eggs and help himself. My dogs love eggs to! mine are so old and lame they can't chase any thing any more but they still like to eat!
Nope he can`t get to the eggs or the chickens as he likes to carry them around in his mouth,how do I know this?When I first got chickens two years ago one flew over the fence and he carried it around utill she passed away I was not home at the time,I was so upset with him and he knew it.He hasn`t had an egg for months now he is on a diet becasue of his bad hip he will be nine next month.I was really hoping that he would protect the chickens but I guess not.
My Rottie sits by the kitchen sink watching me with her until I end up breaking the inevitable egg while washing them. It is her evil glare that does it.

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