I rented a house in Utah, and got the chickens in the deal as well.


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Dec 5, 2011
We were hurting for a place, my wife and daughter were joining me finally, after many months apart, and it was suddenly a "find a house now" situation. I finally found a house that hadn't been rented, which was a problem here. It went up on Craigslist, and I called within fifteen minutes, and made a plan to see it that night.
The house was okay, but one of the things that sealed the deal was the six chickens, because I had promised my daughter we would get chickens when she moved out to Utah. Done.
So, we aren't sure if we are the new owners of the chickens, or just caretakers, but the last six months have been nice. The chickens were laying when we acquired them, the coop was built, there was supplies, and they were friendly enough. We couldn't pick them up, but they aren't mean and they cluck happily when we appear. They make a handful of eggs every day, and we have eggs nearly every morning. We give many away to neighbors and co-workers.
We have seen one other house in the neighborhood with chickens, but haven't spoken with them, They also have a barn, sheep, and cows, so they are clearly the oldest house here, the remainder of the houses are very uniform and small.
We are in Woods Cross for now, just a few minutes north of Salt Lake City.
Hello from Heber City, UT!
Howdy! A friend, well, a kind of friend moved to Heber some time ago. He has a moving company based out of SLC. Or at least he used to. This is a pretty thin connection to Heber. Heh!
I have ridden my bike through, at any rate.

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