Jun 10, 2020
we screwed up . we have 12 chicks that were purchased and came in sets of 4 ,,,,,,3 weeks apart. ( not our choice) however we fed the chicks about 30 lbs of some organic starter food crumbles and then switched by mistake to a layer crumble ( we picked up the wrong bag and fed them about 30 of the 40 lbs before we realized the screw up.) 4 of our chicks are 7 weeks old, 4 are 6 weeks old and 4 are 5 weeks old.

chicks 1-4 had some of the 5 LB medicated feed starter , then ate some correct starter crumbles , 3-5 weeks of life and then weeks 5-7 and then to the mistake bag of layer crumbles
chicks 4-8 had a little of medicated and then were switched to starter crumbles for about 3-4 weeks of their life and then to the mistake bag of layer crumbles week 6 and 7
chicks 8-12 had prob 1-2 weeks of the correct food and then started with the wrong layer crumbles and for the past 3-5 weeks have been eating the wrong food

how much damage did we cause to our chicks by this screw up.? this explains a lot as our newest chicks are all runts compared to the other 8 who at least had a few weeks on the correct food. We are switching them all over to starter grower until they begin laying now. any help would be great

Chicken Chiquita

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Feb 11, 2020
Hopefully once you strat feeding them the correct food again, they will be fine. Found this article here on byc though, https://www.backyardchickens.com/ar... liver failure can,, risk overdose, and death.
You will want to go to this part:
The Effects Of Feeding Layer Pellets To Birds Younger Then Laying Age
I wound't worry much though, i'm sure they will be fine!! Everyone makes mistakes sometimes!! :hugsGood luck!!

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