I should have sat on my hands

waibel zoo

10 Years
Mar 23, 2009
Sandy, UT
I have 3 sizzle eggs 2 days overdue. So while I was turning I candled them. Two seemed to possibly still be going. One had a very large air cell and only about 2/3 was dark. I thought for sure this one was gone. So I pipped the large end and there is baby, breathing. The membrane was dry. I put a few drops of water on the membrane and put in back in the incubator. My humidity is at 50%. I added some water to raise it. Is this chick doomed? The membrane did still have veins running through. I thought there was no way a chick overdue would be so small. Why couldn't I just have sat on my hands? Temp is right at 100.
During one of my hatchings I had a bunch of fine chicks and one that had the membrane dried to it, but had started hatching. I let it go for a bit to see how it was, and the membrane was just so tightly on it that it couldn't break out. So after about 12 hours I peeled the eggshell off. Then I got a wet papertowel and started dabbing the membrane. I slowly peeled it off as to not hurt the chick, who had been loudly peeping all day. It had leftover membrane in certain spots that kept resticking, like for examply the chicks wing would get stuck to its head. So I kept redabbing and I trimmed some fuzz. When I was done I left it in the bator for a day, but during that day I would get it out and give it water, and stick it back in. After about 2 days of this it fuzzed up and was ready to go with the other chicks.
So should I wait till tonight and then maybe break the membrane? and moisten? When I opened this egg I was expecting to do an eggtopsy. I did not know it would be alive. There is no peeping.
Well it has pipped the membrane. When I open to turn the other eggs in there I gently moisten the membrane.
The humidity is up to 63 ish, temp is 100.
The devil wins more often then I do. I have been using a still air hovabator. The longer I leave them in the more that die. I also have a turn-x I have been using for a hatcher. That one hatches great. If I get this humidor I won't need to worry anymore. If I get jipped out of it I am going to buy an Brinsea eco 20.

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