I swear it works EVERY time


10 Years
Jul 2, 2009
I have three girls. When they were close to laying eggs for the first time I was trying to avoid buying any eggs, but finally broke down and bought a dozen - first one layed the next day.
Then dh went out an bought another dozen for reasons unkown to me - the second layed the next day.
Weeks later after we'd been just using their eggs and not buying, my kids decided that they wanted eggs for dinner. So I bought a dozen. Third girl layed the next day.
Its like they know those white store eggs are in my fridge and figure they better get moving!
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Woo Hoo!! That means I'm getting eggs today from my chicklettes!!
The hens from last year have slowed way down and I was hoping the newbies would be taking up the slack by now. They're 21 weeks old and as far as I know, aren't chipping in . I had to buy a carton of yucky eggs from the store.
I have one that quits laying for a week or so, then starts again when I tell her she's going into the pot soon. I wish this worked for roosters! 'Cause i've got 13 spare roos right now! ugh.

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