I think a cat ate one of my chicks:(


8 Years
Apr 28, 2011
I have 7 6wk old and 2 8 wk old pullets. The night before last I had so much going on with building the coop and getting the house ready to get new carpet that I left the back flap of the temp coop open. When I went to give my girls their morning treats the next day I noticed it was open and 1 of my RIR was missing:( There where a few feathers in the coop from the other birds. I assume it was a cat cause that is the only major predator around, since I live in town. I feel really bad cause if I would a have closed it Ginger would still be around:(
Oh Im so sorry to hear that happened.
Its awful I know, but i hope you dont blame yourself too much. Accidents happen. And cats can be VERY sneaky-- mine somehow sneaked into the bathroom we have our chicks in. Musta sneaked in right as I was closing the door. He mustve been stunned and wondering what these weird things were bc he was in there 1 1/2 hours before i even heard anything. Thank goodness we had a wire cover on-- that scenario coulda been much sadder.

My point is-- youre human and make mistakes. Youll be better prepared from here on and Im sure you gave her a wonderful few months of life. RIP RIR.
SO SORRY!!! I just saw a HUGE hawk in my backyard tree this evening! I am SO scared! We have never seen hawks here before but this is our first year with chickens! All our chicks are safe tonight but what about tomorrow or the rest of the year!!! We are SO attached to all of our chicks!!!! They haven't even started laying yet!!!
Sorry about your sweet ginger!!!
So sad! Our chicks are only 4 wks old and are still being raised indoors. And I can certainly attest to the sneakiness if our cats. The minute I turn my back on the chicks, they've got their noses pressed against the class. Whatever got Ginger had probably been waiting patiently for an opportune moment for a good while. It's not your fault!
I'm so sorry.
Our cats are always trying to sneak in the coop. One actually got in, but I was able to get her out right away. My cats also try to swipe their arm from the outside. We had to put extra wire to keep this from happening. Those cats have a one track mind and are obsessed over the birds.
Don't discount other predators just because you live in town. Plenty of opossums, raccoons, rats, and raptor-birds can and will live around humans, too.

Sorry about your Ginger, though!
I think the chickens will probably be okay when they are full grown because they will be bigger than the cats, but I do worry right now. My cats are hunters, it's why I have them. We have a big mouse problem in this town. So I know that they can and will go after the birds. When the chicks were inside they would just sit and watch them. Then I found a tear in the screen over the top of the brooder for the littlest chicks.

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