I think I spoiled my chicks

cary 1973

7 Years
Apr 17, 2012
Henderson Nevada aka Las Vegas
so my chicks are 2 months old and I think i may have spoiled them they dont ding there own dirt bath dirt at all it started a few weeks ago when they moved out side they have there little run thats about 6 foot long but for about an hour each night they get to free range and right before I let them out i water down the ground to cool it off (115) out accourding to my back poarch. and then i let them out and while i set there i use my hand rake and pile up a section of dirt take all the rock out and then when i get done the girls come over and take there dirt bath and hang out for ahile now i have noticed they no longer try and even get there own dirt bath ready they wait for me and then as soon as im done and put the hand rake down they come over and bath its so cute and sweet but am i doing them an injustice by doing this will they ever take care of there own dirt bath.

one more thing everyone talkes about teh pecking order and hens picking on little ones my ? my birds has a sperrow live with them for over 2 weeks thill it out grew what ever escape entrace it knew about and this bird sleep with them and everything and then tonight I walked out ( while they lay in there dirt bath dirt i now do other stuff) they where just kicking back with about 5 doves and a few sperrows encluding there little frinde I thought they would chase the other birds away are my chicks just lazy?

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