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Ok, so earlier I posted about how confused I was trying to decide what type of coop/house to build for my chicks... I think that typing that post helped me figure it out because shortly after getting to work it hit me how to make it work... I still have 2 options for it, so that's where I need y'alls suggestions now as to which one is more feasible to do..

So, I want to basically do a 20' hoop house on the 20' asphalt pad I have. Option #1 - fence the perimeter in with cattle panels covered in 3' chicken wire, then make the 'roof' out of more panels joined by overlapping the ends a bit, then attaching them to the side walls, and bracing them, or framing them if necessary, to support the arch. My thought on this way was to be able to have the sides higher, finish like regular hoop house... Option #2 - take 2 panels, overlap them a bit for strength, build a 20'x20' frame to attach them to and then build it like a regular hoop house, bracing the middle if necessary, attaching chicken wire 3' up the sides, enclosing the back end, covering with white tarp, etc etc etc... For either way I can then fence in a yard for them with more cattle panels and chicken wire with netting on top, build roosts and nests for them and if I decide to go with individual coops for the breeds I want I'll still be able to section off areas for them and have coops within a coop.

Thanks for any and all input..

in Deep East Texas..
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If I were renting I would set up a portable horse shelter and put hardware cloth 1/2 inch across the front. Disassemble and take with you when you move!
image search for portable horse shelter results

Being in TX an open-front coop would be fine for you (but only 1/2 inch hardware cloth will keep out rats and weasels). If you do welded wire with hardware cloth across the bottom it would be cheaper but some things could still get in to kill your chickens.

Just an idea...I have never had a portable horse shelter so take this with a grain of salt.

Another option is a shed that is easy to take apart and take with you.
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